President Joyce McConnell at the Lory Student Center on the Colorado State University campus
We’re very intentionally calling what we’re building together Courageous Strategic Transformation. Colorado State University is a courageous place, committed to doing bold things and going all in while others stand on the sidelines. We’ve also demonstrated that we can be incredibly strategic, even under very difficult circumstances, like, say, a global pandemic. So, we’re ready for a positive transformation, for positive change you can see and feel. I’m excited, and I know everyone who loves CSU will be too.

– Joyce E. McConnell, 15th president at Colorado State University

Getting to know President Joyce McConnell

Joyce McConnell on …

CSU and COVID-19

“Our continuing focus is on assuring the health of our faculty, staff and students, while also working to maintain the economic health of the university itself.”

“The through line of our narrative is decisiveness driven by the conviction that we not only can make our world better, but we must, now more than ever. And of course, now as always, I see our students and our alumni leading the way, inspiring us all with their energy, their resilience, their wisdom, and their compassion for our world.”

Access and Inclusion

“I’m passionate about our educational access mission. But access doesn’t mean much without inclusion. If we want our students to succeed and thrive, they need to know this is an environment where they are welcome, where they are supported, and where they don’t have to endure the persistent and painful power of racism and prejudice that still exists, not just on our campus, but in our broader community, and sadly, across the country.”

Free speech

“Free speech matters, but acknowledging an individual’s right to freedom of speech is not enough.”

“Some would say institutions can promote engaged inclusive discourse by hosting controversial speakers, making available public spaces for protests, and creating opportunities for art, literature and performance that challenges the status quo. They would be right to an extent. But the university also must commit itself to the long-term and evolving mission of inclusivity and harness it to the spirit of inquiry that is the lifeblood of a university.”

President McConnell joins Colorado State University graduates in regalia in a physically distanced celebration on the Oval at Colorado State University.
CSU President and Doug Cloud, assistant professor of English and master LEGO builder, stand in front of a LEGO rendition of Old Main in Morgan Library.

President McConnell joins Colorado State University graduates in regalia for a physically distanced celebration in May 2020.

President McConnell and Cloud, dedicate a LEGO rendition of Old Main, created to celebrate CSU’s sesquicentennial.