Leadership Fellows Program

2022-2023 Opportunities

As part of the Courageous Strategic Transformation of Colorado State University, full-time faculty and staff are invited to apply for the 2022-2023 academic year cohort of the CSU Leadership Program, to work on strategic initiatives ranging from recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and employee wellness to performance management and translational research communications.  Diverse applicants from all units across the university and from all employee categories are encouraged to apply.

The Leadership Fellows Program launched in Summer 2021 with eight Fellows placed in six leadership offices; a January 2022 cohort recently added four Fellows in three leadership offices. You can read about the Fellows on the program webpage.

Program Details

This program is a professional development opportunity designed to help participants strengthen their leadership skills, enhance their understanding of higher education, and gain experience that will benefit them in their current and future positions. Each Fellow will work closely with a senior mentor to complete complex time-intensive projects in a specific area of focus.  The Fellows will also meet regularly as a cohort to share the successes and challenges of their experiences, learn from one another, participate in professional development opportunities, and offer feedback to program coordinators.

Fellowship start dates may be flexible, but all Fellowships will be expected to begin no later than August 22, 2022 and run through May 15, 2023, with final work product(s) due by May 15, 2023.

The CSU Leadership Fellowships are expected to be nine-month, temporary opportunities for current CSU faculty or staff, following which time all Fellows will resume their regular positions in their home units.  Fellows may of course apply for leadership positions at the university following their Fellowships and it is the goal of the program to prepare them for such roles or positions, but applicants should not expect any direct appointment to emerge from their Fellowships.

Unless otherwise determined by mutual agreement between the Fellow and the senior mentor, these Fellowships will be structured as follows:

  • Faculty members selected as Fellows will need to secure permission from their Chair to teach a 50% course load or otherwise reduce their formal work assignments in their department by 50% during the 2022-2023 academic year. A letter affirming this permission will be expected as part of the Fellowship application (see below).
  • Staff members selected as Fellows will need to secure permission from their supervisor to be relieved of 50% of their regular work duties for the duration of the Fellowship. A letter affirming this permission will be expected as part of the Fellowship application (see below).

All Fellows will be paid their regular salaries by the university for the duration of their Fellowship period.  (See detailed description of the unit reimbursement structure below.)

Fellows will be expected to meet with and report progress to their mentors regularly throughout their Fellowships.  They will also be expected to adhere to the university values articulated in the Courageous Strategic Transformation plan, including the Principles of Community, and maintain standards for professional behavior, demonstrating discretion, good judgement, and confidentiality in all interactions they engage in as Fellows.  At any time during the agreed-upon Fellowship period, if the senior mentor is dissatisfied with the Fellow’s progress toward their work product goals, the Fellowship may be terminated with reasonable notice and the Fellow would then return to their home unit for the remainder of the academic year.

Fellows will also be expected to actively participate in regular cohort meetings of all Leadership Fellows, as well as in any and all professional development opportunities created by the Office of the President specifically for the CSU Leadership Fellows (e.g. speakers, workshops, webinars.)  This latter piece is intended specifically to support the Fellows throughout the program and enrich their experience.

Areas of Focus

For a detailed list of Fellowships go to 2022-2023 Detailed Fellowship Descriptions

Eligibility and Condition of Employment

Full-time faculty and staff members from across the university and in all employment categories (faculty, AP, Classified Staff) are eligible to apply.  Diverse applicants and interested employees at all stages of their careers are encouraged to submit applications.

Mentors will review the applications of all those who express specific interest in their specific Fellowship(s) and will then meet with qualified applicants before making a final Fellowship offer.  Mentors will evaluate applicants according to the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated interest in and knowledge of the desired area of focus;
  • Prior achievements related to area of focus;
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently;
  • Demonstrated willingness to take on and ability to execute a complex project;
  • Prior leadership experience;
  • Documented ability to collaborate effectively;
  • Demonstrated professional judgment and discretion;
  • Strong institutional knowledge of CSU, including but not limited to policies and procedures.

Application Requirements

  • Current curriculum vitae or resume
  • Cover letter not to exceed two pages outlining applicant’s interest in the program, professional goals, desired area(s) of focus, and relevant experience
  • Letter of support from applicant’s supervisor or department chair, to include a plan for managing the applicant’s regular assigned duties (e.g. teaching load, staff job responsibilities) during the Fellowship period
  • Letter of support from applicant’s dean or VP, indicating support for the supervisor-submitted plan to manage the applicant’s regular assigned duties during the Fellowship period.

Deadline for Applications

The application deadline has passed. 

Unit Reimbursement Details

All Fellows will continue to receive their regular salary through their respective home unit, and retain access to their current benefits, for the duration of their Fellowship period (August 22, 2022-May 15, 2023).

During the 2022-2023 academic year, the respective unit will be reimbursed as listed below, assuming a 50% FTE for the Fellowship, as a one-time payment to provide resources for supplemental pay and or course buyout from the Office of the President.  The reimbursement rates for this program have been modeled based on those used by the CSU Semester at Sea program and are as follows:

  • $32,000 per academic year for any faculty Fellow selected
  • $18,000 per academic year for any staff Fellow selected