The Council for Gender Equity on the Faculty (CoGen) includes the following representation:


Ruth Hufbauer

Ruth Hufbauer

Professor, Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management

Ruth Hufbauer received her PhD. in Entomology from Cornell University, and is a Professor in the Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management at Colorado State University. Her research focuses on biological invasions, range expansions, and biological control, with a focus on the role of rapid evolution in driving ecological dynamics in population size of pest and beneficial species. She was a Fulbright Scholar in France in 2009-2010, and a Senior Visiting Scientist with Agropolis International in 2016-2017. She has published over 75 peer-reviewed articles. She teaches undergraduate ecology, and works to engage students and create an active learning environment. She teaches at the graduate level as well, and including a graduate seminar on Women in Science, focused on a deep reading of the primary literature. She received the Shepardson/NACTA Meritorious Teaching Award in 2015. She is a fellow of the first cohort of the Institute for Inclusive Excellence organized by the Office of the Vice President of Diversity and The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT).

Monique Rocca

Monique Rocca

Associate Professor, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability 

Monique Rocca is an Associate Professor and Associate Department Head in the CSU Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability. She received her B.S. in Biology from Stanford University, and her Ph.D. in Ecology from Duke University. Monique studies how natural landscapes, especially Rocky Mountain forests, change through time. Her research focuses on understanding the “future forest” following pine beetle outbreaks, wildfires, and climate change. In her role on the Standing Committee, she developed the ENCIRCLE (mENtoring CIRCLEs) program, and now serves as Co-chair of the Committee.

College of Agricultural Sciences Representative

Jessica Metcalf

Jessica Metcalf

Associate Professor, Animal Sciences

Jessica L. Metcalf received her B.S. in chemistry from the University of Georgia and her Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from University of Colorado Boulder. She is a microbiome scientist who leads highly interdisciplinary, innovative research projects that span the fields of forensics, animal science, and health by combining experimental ecology, large genomic datasets, and bioinformatics tools. Her lab studies the complex suite of microorganisms (bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists, etc) driving decomposition of postmortem vertebrate animals. She is developing a microbial clock to estimate how long human remains have been decomposing. She also studies the vertebrate gut microbiome with a focus on the effects of captivity, domestication, and lifestyle on animal and human health. She is also a founding member and on the leadership board of 500 Women Scientists, a non-profit with the mission to serve society by making science open, inclusive, and accessible.

College of Business Representative

Lumina Albert

Lumina Albert

Associate Professor, Department of Management

Dr. Lumina Albert is an Associate Professor of Management, OtterBox Faculty Fellow and a Daniels Ethics Fellow in the College of Business at Colorado State University. Her research seeks to extend knowledge of social justice, ethical behavior, and interpersonal relationships in the business world. She has an MBA (with a dual specialization in Marketing and Human Resource Management) and a PhD in Business Management. Following her doctoral studies, Dr. Albert received the prestigious AAUW International Postdoctoral Fellowship to continue her research at the Department of Psychology at Stanford University and at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. She is an award-winning teacher, and has been honored with the College of Business Excellence in Teaching Award and the ‘Best Teacher of CSU’ Award, which is given to outstanding educators at CSU by the CSU Alumni Association and Student Alumni Connection. She is also an Associate Editor of Journal of Managerial Psychology. Her research has been published in scholarly journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Business Ethics, Human Resource Management Review, Organizational Psychology Review and Group & Organizations Management. Dr. Albert’s service to the CSU and Northern Colorado Community has been recognized with the College of Business Outstanding Service Award, CSU Multicultural Distinguished Service Award and the Distinguished Service Award from the Office of International Programs at CSU. She has served as a consultant with organizations such as Procter & Gamble, International Justice Mission and Child Relief & You (CRY) on issues ranging from strategic public relations to organizing social marketing campaigns. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Rescue Freedom International, an international organization committed to empower the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery and to prevent exploitation. In her spare time, Dr. Albert enjoys cooking for her friends and family, interior designing, and traveling around the world!

College of Engineering Representative

Erika Miller

Erika Miller

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering

Dr. Erika Miller received her B.S. from Oregon State University and her M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Washington, in Civil Engineering. She is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering at Colorado State University. Her research focuses on modeling human behavior and cognitive workload over time to evaluate the interactions between humans and machines, with an emphasis on developing appropriate trust and maintaining situational awareness of human operators with autonomous systems. Her research is primarily applied to the transportation domain; with a current focus of integrating smart technology (e.g., connected vehicles, connected infrastructure, autonomous vehicles) into the transportation system while facilitating safety for all users (e.g., automated, non-automated, motorized, non-motorized).

College of Health and Human Sciences Representative

Roe Bubar

Roe Bubar

Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies and School of Education

Roe Bubar, J.D., is a Professor at Colorado State University and jointly appointed in the Department of Ethnic Studies and School of Social Work. She also serves as Affiliate Faculty in Women’s Studies. Roe focuses on gender and Indigenous health disparities, specifically in tribal communities. In her work Indigenous methodologies, Indigenous feminisms and intersectionality inform her research in sexual violence and child maltreatment. Her most recent scholarship focuses on ways microaggressions serve settler colonialism in an Indigenous “mixed method” study.

College of Liberal Arts Representative

Katie McShane

Katie McShane

Professor, Department of Philosophy

Katie McShane is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy. She received her B.A. from Northwestern University and her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. After a year as a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, she worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at North Carolina State University before coming to Colorado State University in 2008. Her research interests are primarily in environmental ethics and ethical theory. She has written articles on ecosystem health, the place of environmental concerns in theories of value, and the moral significance of our emotional engagements with nature. She teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, including courses on ethics, environmental philosophy, feminist philosophy, and normative ethical theory.

Warner College of Natural Resources Representative

Liba Pejchar

Liba Pejchar

Associate Professor, Department of Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Biology

Liba Pejchar received her BA in Environmental Studies and Biology from Middlebury College, and her Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Before joining CSU, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Biology at Stanford University. Liba’s research program focuses on sustaining and restoring biodiversity on private working lands, in ways that are compatible with human well-being. She is a field ecologist that actively collaborates with colleagues in the social sciences to address major environmental challenges in the Pacific Islands and Rocky Mountain west. More recently, her research and service has also focused on resolving gender inequities in her discipline, and the disproportionate role of under-represented faculty in advancing diversity initiatives. Liba loves working with her amazing group of graduate students, and enjoys teaching courses on conservation biology and bird ecology and conservation. She feels lucky to spend lots of time outdoors with her husband, two young children, and lively bernedoodle.

College of Natural Sciences Representative

Meena Balgopal

Meena Balgopal

Associate Professor in the Department of Biology

Meena Balgopal is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology. She received her PhD in Zoology from North Dakota State University and her MS in Entomology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She was an Assistant Professor of Bioscience at Minnesota State University Moorhead prior to moving to CSU, in 2008, as a faculty member in the School of Education. Since 2015, she has been in Biology as a discipline-based education researcher. Her research centers on science literacy and how people make meaning of natural sciences through discursive activities (writing or group work). Her research participants include K-12 teachers, undergraduates, monastics, and community organizations. As a 2019 Fulbright-Nehru Scholar, she collaborated with an Indian NGO to develop and test a model of South Asian place-based education to increase environmental literacy and civic engagement. She is the PI on an NSF Noyce grant, which supports promising STEM majors, who intend to teach in high needs school districts across the country. She teaches undergraduate and graduate-level science pedagogy courses and undergraduate evolution.

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Representative

Christine Olver

Christine Olver

Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology

Christine Olver received her DVM, PhD, and Veterinary Clinical Pathology Board Certification from The Ohio State University. She is a Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology at Colorado State University. She teaches students in all four years of the DVM program in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, with an emphasis in hematology, acid base homeostasis, and coagulation. Her research interests include iron metabolism, malaria pathogenesis, and the effects of viper venom on coagulation. She was a Fulbright Scholar in France in 2010, where she studies the end stages of red blood cell formation. She has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and several book chapters. As part of her appointment at CSU, she spends 30% of her time in the clinical laboratory, offering pathology expertise for clinical patients and outside referral hospitals. She received the Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award for veterinary professors, an award given to educators in recognition of their character and leadership qualities as well as their outstanding teaching abilities in 2017. She is a member of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and the Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology. She is currently the chair of the mentoring subcommittee of the SCSWF, and oversees the implementation of ENCIRCLE, a women’s mentoring program at CSU.

University Library Representative

Rob Sica

Assistant Professor at CSU Libraries

Rob Sica is an Assistant Professor at CSU Libraries where he serves as a Social Sciences and Humanities Liaison to the Departments of Psychology, Philosophy, Ethnic Studies, Occupational Therapy, the School of Education, the Honors Program and Women’s Studies. He earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy at Furman University and his Master of Library Science at Florida State University.

Non-Tenure Track Representative

Denise Apodaca

Instructor, School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Denise Apodaca received her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a minor in Spanish. She later received her Master of Music degree in Piano Performance and a second Master of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy from Northwestern University. She graduated with honors from both universities.

She has been on the teaching faculties of The Chicago Academy for the Arts where she was Director of Instrumental Studies, Sherwood Conservatory of Music, De Paul University, Pasadena City College, Pasadena Conservatory of Music and Front Range Community College. She served as a Board member for Beet Street in Fort Collins, Colo. She founded and directed the Chicago Young Instrumentalist Program, served on the Leadership Council, was Director of Early Childhood Programs, director of Class Piano, chair of Group Instruction and chair of the Piano Dept. at Sherwood Conservatory of Music in Chicago, Ill. She served as district coordinator for the California Association for Professional Music Teachers. Denise has performed through-out the United States as a soloist and as a chamber musician. Demonstrating her expertise of Latin American music, she has given several concerts in Mexico. She has been an adjudicator for several area music teachers associations and has given several workshops on piano technology, piano pedagogy, piano performance, and early childhood music. She serves on the Early Childhood Council of Larimer County and was the Spanish community health educator at Poudre Valley Hospital for Bright Beginnings, Colorado in Larimer County for over five years.

Denise is currently Piano Proficiency coordinator at Colorado State University where she also serves on several committees and has received the following awards.

At Large Members

Sheryl Magzamen

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

Sheryl is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences. She received her BS in biology from Cornell, her MPH in health policy from Emory University and her PhD in epidemiology from Berkeley. Sheryl arrived at CSU in 2013, after serving on the faculty at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Her research focuses on the relative contributions of social factors and environmental exposures to chronic disease morbidity, with particular attention to respiratory health. Sheryl is the Epidemiology Concentration Lead for the Colorado School of Public Health at CSU and teaches courses in human disease and the environment and geographic information systems and health.

Noa Román-Muñiz

Associate Professor, Department of Animal Sciences

Dr. Noa Roman-Muniz is an Associate Professor and Extension Dairy Specialist in the Department of Animal Sciences. Her research focuses on the intersection between animal and human wellbeing and productivity on dairy operations. Roman-Muniz completed a pre-veterinary program at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez in 1997. She earned her DVM from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2001 and her MS in Clinical Sciences from Colorado State University in 2004.

Jimena Sagàs

Co-Chair of the Commission on Women and Gender Equity
Assistant Professor, Libraries

Mexican. Pronouns: She/her(s). Born in Mexico City. Raised in Chicago and Mexico City. Mother of a Latino boy. Completed her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Denver in 2013. Presently, a College Liaison Librarian/Assistant Professor at Colorado State University (CSU), where she is a subject area specialist in the areas of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts, and serves special populations, such as international, underrepresented, and underserved students. She is a third year student at CSU in the Ph.D. Education and Human Resource Studies/Organizational Learning, Performance and Change program. Her research interests include comparative and international librarianship, library services for international students, underserved and underrepresented students, and librarian of color upward mobility in the workplace. In pursuit of her devotion to social justice, she has served as a Commissioner on the Human Relations Commission for the City of Fort Collins and as a Chair of the Multicultural Staff and Faculty Network on her campus. She currently serves as Co-Chair of the President’s Commission for Women and Gender Equity and as Member of the President’s Commission for Diversity and Inclusion.

Silvia Sara Canetto

Professor, Department of Psychology

Silvia Sara Canetto is Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University, USA. She has graduate degrees, from the University of Padova, Italy, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, USA, in physiological, general, and clinical psychology/gerontology, respectively. She grew up Italy, and is the first in her family to graduate from high school. She came to the United States, by herself, for a third round of graduate studies. English is her fifth language. In addition to Italian, she knows French, Spanish, Hebrew, Latin, and Ancient Greek. The United States are a primary site of her cultural studies – with dominant U.S. culture as her main focus.

At CSU Dr. Canetto teaches classes on women, men, and gender; and on lifespan developmental psychology. She also writes about teaching from intersectional and transnational diversity perspectives. Prior to taking a position at CSU, she was a professor at the University of Montana, and at the University of Vermont. Dr. Canetto is most well-known for her research on cultural scripts of gender and suicidal behaviors. This research has received major national and international recognition, including the American Association of Suicidology’s Shneidman Early-Career Award. Her research on views and experiences by women and men in science and engineering has also gained national and international visibility, including funding from the National Science Foundation. Finally, her scholarship on women’s human rights was recognized with an invited lecture at the 2019 conference of the International Council of Psychologists (ICP), and with ICP’s Denmark-Gunvald award. In 2019 Dr. Canetto also received the prestigious American Psychological Association’s Heritage Award for her distinguished and long-standing contributions to research, teaching, and service about women and gender. Dr. Canetto is “Fellow” of the American Psychological Association (APA), the Association for Psychological Science, and the Gerontological Society of America.

Leif Sorensen

Associate Professor, Department of English

Leif Sorensen received his Ph.D. in American Literature from New York University and is Associate Professor of English at CSU. His research focus is twentieth and twenty-first century multiethnic literatures of the US. His first book, Ethnic Modernism and the Making of US Literary Multiculturalism was published by Palgrave in 2016. His articles have appeared in American Literature Modernism/Modernity, ASAP Journal, MELUS, and Contemporary Literature. His current work focuses on worldbuilding and racial infrastructures in speculative fiction. He teaches courses in ethnic literatures of the US, popular fiction, and transnationalism.

Diana Prieto

Diana Prieto

Executive Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Human Resource Services

Diana Prieto is the Executive Director for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Chief Human Resource Officer. Prior to this appointment in January of 2104, she was the Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity at Colorado State University. Before joining Colorado State University in July 2010, Ms. Prieto was the director of the Office of Institutional Equity at Purdue University. Ms. Prieto obtained her law degree from the Tulane University School of Law and her undergraduate degree in Economics and Spanish Literature from Smith College.

Caridad Souza

Director and Assistant Professor, Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research and Department of Ethnic Studies

Dr. Caridad Souza is the director of the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research at Colorado State University. Her teaching and research interests include contemporary race & ethnic relations and theories, poverty, multiracial and decolonial feminisms, and critical ethnography. Caridad has written about teenage pregnancy, work, gender and households, Latina sexualities, and feminist pedagogies. More recently, her intellectual interests involve well-being and inequality, and she trains this fall in Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to use in her work. She is fascinated with the concept of Social Healing towards a more equitable, just, and free society.

Cori Wong

Assistant Vice President for Gender Equity
Director, Women and Gender Collaborative
Co-Chair, Commission on Women and Gender Equity

Dr. Cori Wong is Special Assistant to the President of Colorado State University, Director of the Women and Gender Collaborative, and Special Instructor in the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research.

Dr. Wong earned a dual-title Ph.D. in Philosophy and Women’s Studies from the Pennsylvania State University after graduating summa cum laude with a B.A. in Philosophy from Colorado State University. With a passion for teaching, learning, and approaching education as a practice of freedom, Dr. Wong empowers others to think through everyday life experiences to realize personal transformation and greater social justice. Committed to engaging diverse audiences on issues of gender, race, class, sexuality, inequity, injustice, and political resistance, Dr. Wong strives to showcase how critical reflection and genuine dialogue can be as fun and exciting as they are important and challenging.

In addition to supporting campus-wide research, outreach, and advocacy efforts related to women and gender, Dr. Wong teaches Women’s Studies courses on contemporary feminist theory and feminist friendship as a form of feminist practice.