By the end of the Academic Year 20-21—June 30, 2021, the Task Force will have …

  • Reviewed, updated, and reconfigured the Action Plan submitted to the President’s Office and the RBEI in Fall 2019 into a multi-year timeline with benchmarks and a year-by-year implementation budget, keeping in mind the current budget constraints on all higher education and on CSU specifically;
  • Assessed the existence and prevalence of antisemitism at CSU and provided a detailed action plan to address the concerns uncovered, including how to prevent antisemitic institutional/systemic policies, practices, cultural behaviors, and ways of operating that negatively impact students, staff, faculty, and community members;
  • Conducted an audit of current curricular, programmatic, and other initiatives offered at CSU focusing on Jewish culture, history, community, identity, safety, etc. (For example, are there courses listed in CLA that could be taught but just aren’t? How long has it been since these courses have been offered?  Why have they not been offered?)
  • In concert with the above, provided specific recommendations for how to create and sustain a positive, Jewish-inclusive university community through education and representation, encouraging a campus environment, in and outside the classroom, where those who identify as Jewish (religious or secular), feel valued by the community.