Charge to the President’s Council on Culture (PCC)

The President’s Council on Culture (PCC) at Colorado State University provides leadership, oversight, awareness, and accountability to efforts to evolve the University culture to make it more equitable, inclusive, and representative of the world and populations CSU serves as an institution of higher education and as an employer of choice. The Council bridges institutional conscience and action by bringing key, core leaders together with a charge to:

  • Coordinate efforts among groups engaged around University culture and organizational development (including but not limited to issues of identity).
  • Identify, celebrate, and scale units that are succeeding in modeling equitable, accountable, and engaged organizational cultures.
  • Inform and guide efforts to make CSU among the best universities for everyone to live and work and improve the climate for current and future generations.
  • Serve as an umbrella voice to prioritize institutional efforts and resource requests.
  • Serve as consultant and/or convener as requested for commissions, committees, councils, and units that seek other University partners or assistance from the Council in their efforts to help improve culture at CSU.
  • Identify areas in need of improvement and help foster improvement and track progress in those areas.
  • Ensure the University is accountable and transparent in its efforts to transform and improve institutional culture and effectiveness.
  • Provide an annual report to the University and community on the work of the PCC.

The Council will identify issues and initiatives and hold individual members of the Council accountable for effective follow-through and reporting back to the larger group and institution. The Council will post a public report of its activities following each monthly meeting. An annual report from the Council will be provided to the University community by June 30 each year.

The Council works in partnership with the President’s Cabinet and Council of Deans. Recommendations and initiatives of the council are operationalized and overseen through normal institutional processes, and various members of the Cabinet and Council of Deans will interact with the Council at different times around particular issues as they arise.

The PCC is committed to accountability and transparency in all its operations and models this expectation for the University.

PCC Membership

Members of the Council are appointed by the University President and will meet each month for two hours, and additionally as needed. Members are appointed to function as part of an institutional team on behalf of the University as a whole, rather than representing the needs and views of individual areas or identities within the institution.

The Council will be chaired by Dr. Tony Frank, University President; with co-vice-chairs Dr. Sue James, professor and past chair of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity; and Dr. Blanche Hughes, Vice President for Student Affairs. It will be staffed by the Office of the President. The chair responsibilities will include setting meeting agendas; formally issuing task force and subcommittee membership invitations; assigning subcommittees and their chairs; receiving and distributing recommendations; and ensuring the Council sets and tracks progress on yearly goals.


  • President Tony Frank, Chair
  • Blanche Hughes, Vice President for Student Affairs, Co-Vice-Chair
  • Sue James, Faculty Member, Co-Vice-Chair
  • Sonia Adame, At-Large Student Representative
  • Zahra Al-Saloom, ASCSU Student Representative
  • Tom Biedscheid, At-Large Member
  • Barry Braun, Chair, Health and Exercise Science
  • Dan Bush, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Tim Gallagher, Chair, Faculty Council
  • Pam Jackson, Assistant Vice President for University Communications
  • Laura Jensen, Vice Provost for Planning and Effectiveness
  • Lynn Johnson, Vice President for University Operations
  • Kelly Long, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
  • Rick Miranda, Provost and Executive Vice President
  • Tonie Miyamoto, Co-Chair of the President’s Commission on Sustainability
  • Jenny Morse, Faculty member, Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty Chair
  • Cara Neth, Director of Presidential & Admin Communications
  • Mary Ontiveros, Vice President for Diversity/Co-Chair of the President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion
  • Vance Payne, President’s Multicultural Student Advisory Committee
  • Diana Prieto, Associate VP for Human Capital
  • Shalini Shanker, At-Large Member
  • Kathy Sisneros, At-Large Member
  • Megan Skeehan, Chair, Classified Personnel Council
  • Shannon Wagner, Administrative Professional Council
  • Beth Walker, Dean, College of Business
  • Ben Withers, Dean, College of Liberal Arts
  • Cori Wong, Co-Chair of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity
  • Toni Zimmerman, Faculty Member and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar

Meeting Notes

April 10, 2019

March 8, 2019

February 18, 2019

January 4, 2019

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