Colorado State University campus with a view of the Rec Center and the foothills

Charge from the President

The safety and security of CSU students, faculty, and staff on campus and is essential. Safety measures must be consistently evaluated for improvement, and the safety climate must encompass all Rams, with equitable consideration of the lived experience historically marginalized groups.

As the nation examines the history and current climate of policing, it is also important for CSU examine its own safety and policing policies and practices.

The CSU Police (CSUPD) is committed to maintaining a safe environment which supports the academic mission of the University, and the health and wellness of the community, prioritizing education over enforcement whenever reasonably possible. Effective campus policing must begin with trust between police officers and the campus community they serve. This task force is not charged with dismantling CSUPD. Rather, it is a call to evaluate, and potentially reimagine, campus safety generally, and the work of CSUPD specifically, with a commitment to equity, inclusion and justice.

Task force members

Jenelle Beavers (chair): Vice President for Strategy

Marc Barker: Assistant Vice President, Safety and Risk Services

Martin Carcasson: Professor, Communication Studies

Craig Chesson: Associate Dean of Students

Helena Gardner: Director, University Housing

Joslyn Orji: Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Wendy Rich Goldschmidt: Interim Executive Director of Campus Safety & Security