The Task Force shall examine:

  • Best and innovative practices to create a safe and health-focused environment on campus;
  • What defunding policing would mean to fulfill our goal of a safe and health-focused campus environment;
  • If defunding policing is not the answer, what changes are necessary to meet our goals;
  • If defunding is the answer, what would be an alternative structure to meet our goals;
  • If defunding is the answer, how would funds be allocated to create the alternative structure;
  • How do these structures address accountability?
  • Recommendations for reform.

The Task Force will also consider the following cross-cutting principles and factors:

  • What values are paramount and how do decisions reflect those values?
  • Who is served by policing or by alternative structures?
  • Is a new structure anti-racist, equitable, and just for all members of the CSU community?

And the Task Force will engage in their work incorporating the following processes:

  • Providing opportunities for input from diverse groups and individual students, faculty, employees and community members, including alumni;
  • Consulting outside experts on campus health safety and policing;
  • Seeking information on alternative structures.