December 16, 2022


One last note from me before we head into commencement weekend. Commencement is our single greatest celebration as a University community, the culmination of years of work and study for thousands of our graduates who will go on from here to do great things with the education they’ve earned.

I want to thank our faculty who have made this education possible, the staff who have facilitated the educational experience at every stage, and the friends and families who have believed in and supported these students all along the way.

But of course, above all, I want to recognize, congratulate, and thank our graduates. You have made it through one of the most difficult and traumatic periods in the history of American higher education, and you leave this University better because you were a part of it. You will always be a part of CSU, no matter where the future takes you. As you join the ranks of our alumni, know that we are tremendously proud of you. Well done!

To all of you across our University, have a great commencement weekend and a restorative, restful winter break. We’ll see you back here in January.


Dr. Rick Miranda
Interim President and Professor of Mathematics
Colorado State University

P.S. My own plans to participate in as many of the ceremonies as possible this weekend have been derailed … I tested positive with Covid this morning. In the interest of public health, I’ll be staying home rather than shaking every graduate’s hand! But please know that I’m with you in spirit on this big day.