April 5, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy ones for our entire staff and we remain incredibly grateful for your ongoing energy, hard work and commitment to our students and our community. We have shared so much information with all employees recently that as we head into this last week of in-person classes, our office wanted to pull much of this together into one place for easier reading.

We continue to regularly share COVID information, most recently with comprehensive vaccine updates sent out via email last week.  We also recently shared extensive operational information about Summer 2021 on campus and about the status of all of CSU’s Spring 2021 events, including Commencement.

Recognizing how challenging—and at times exhausting—the past year has been, we have also launched a biweekly newsletter for all employees out of HR. This newsletter is delivered via email but but all issues to date are currently posted on this landing page on the HR site. Spanish translation of all issues, including back issues, is coming this week.

We also recently offered an information session on the university’s courageous strategic transformation process, featuring a number of university leaders talking in detail about the current draft framework and our intensive process of seeking and incorporating feedback from all of you. We also have a captioned recording of that session available.

Finally, last Monday we held an information session for all employees on the Hughes Redevelopment.  The CSU System has created an excellent set of FAQs for all CSU employees about this project, as well as an informational video. This session is also available as a captioned recording.

Thank you all very much for all you do for CSU!

Office of the President