May 1, 2020

Happy Friday, Everyone,

In my Wednesday message, I shared substantial information that may take you some time to digest. So I promise today’s message will be shorter. I want to share some good news from within our community, and some good news about CSU that demonstrates our powerful positive impact on the world.

First, we have some milestones to celebrate, just as we do every year around this time. I recently had the tremendous honor of congratulating nearly 600 people who are marking a special date in their CSU employment—anywhere from 10 to 45 years at this extraordinary university! Congratulations to all of you, and thank you: for your dedication to our students, your belief in this institution as a good place to build a career, and your role as a valued member of this community.

The other thing I have to share is something I heard today when Senator Michael Bennet held a virtual town hall with college students from around the state. The Senator asked students what they were most concerned about and the resounding answer was climate change. Their fears are real—and so is CSU’s promise of solutions. As I hope all of you know by now, CSU is the #1 most sustainable institution of higher education in the country, and one of the most sustainable in the world, having earned Platinum STARS rating three years running. When I say publicly that we are solving the world’s most pressing problems, I mean it—and we are.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who responded to my outline of CSU’s Recovery Planning Process.  Some of you have questions and concerns: thank you for those. Others shared words of appreciation and encouragement: thank you all.

I will follow-up with a video message during the week of May 11. I would like to make the most of it by responding to some of the questions about next steps and other issues that are uppermost in your minds.

If you have a question about how CSU plans to recover from the still-ongoing COVID-19 crisis, one that has broad impact across our community (e.g. for all students, faculty, or staff), please send it to presofc@colostate.eduQuestions must be received by Tuesday May 5 to be considered. Either I or members of my leadership team will address as many of them as time permits. While not all questions can be addressed on this platform, we will absolutely do our best.

And now my exhortation to you all: please savor your weekend, the beautiful weather that has arrived, the friends you are scheduled to see on Zoom, the family around you.