January 26, 2021

Dear Colorado State University Faculty, Staff and Students,

We are delighted to share that in collaboration with our Center for Healthy Aging, CSU is pursuing the goal of becoming the first “Age-Friendly University” in the state of Colorado. To help us map a course to earning this designation, we need your help.

Would you please participate in an online survey (see links below)? Your responses will help us better understand the current climate and culture of age-friendliness and age-inclusivity in the CSU community. All survey responses are anonymous and only group summary data will be analyzed.

An age-inclusive university is one that encourages adults of all ages to participate in lifelong learning programs and fosters intergenerational learning on campus by harnessing expertise and experience among students, faculty and staff of all ages. In addition, an age-inclusive university encourages research to address the needs of an aging global society, promotes public discourse on critical aging issues, and provides a broad range of opportunities to promote intergenerational collaboration.

Across all communities in the U.S., and especially in Fort Collins, the number of older adult learners is growing at unprecedented rates. We are seeking to understand how we can shape future age-friendly programs and practices as well as identify current gaps and opportunities for growth to meet the needs of this growing student population, along with the needs of our faculty, staff and students who are interested in promoting age- inclusivity.

Use this link to participate in the online survey

Kindly complete the survey prior to February 22, 2021.

If you have questions or concerns about this survey or CSU’s age-inclusivity assessment, please contact the Director of CSU’s Center for Healthy Aging, Dr. Nicole Ehrhart, at nicole.ehrhart@colostate.edu.

Thank you so much for your time and participation in this important project!

The Office of the President