August 5, 2019

Dear Members of the CSU Campus Community,

Last week we saw tragic events unfold across our nation that none of us will forget: mass shootings in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. My heart is heavy. I grieve for the families who are struggling to understand the sudden, senseless loss of those they love.

As I write this, the FBI has publicly stated that it does not have enough evidence about the motives of shooters in either Gilroy or Dayton to offer any insight into why they committed such horrific acts.  However, based on preliminary evidence, the FBI believes that the El Paso shooting was motivated by white nationalism, particularly anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic hatred.  The FBI characterizes such acts as domestic terrorism and as threats to the freedom we cherish.

These tragedies have shocked and saddened us all.  However, we can seize this moment to proclaim our commitment to a safe and inclusive community and nation. As an institution that values and respects all people, Colorado State University can be a light in the darkness of times like these.  To shine that light, we must affirm together: All are welcome here. There is no place for hate.

As we all struggle to come to come to grips with the terrible events that shook our nation last week, I want to make sure that everyone takes care of themselves and others.  There are many services on campus available if you would like support.

  • Student Case Management, 970-491-8051 – Our case managers will be reaching out as soon as possible to students who have El Paso and Dayton area addresses, but students who have been directly impacted are also encouraged and welcome to contact this office and speak to a case manager.
  • CSU Health Network counseling services, 970-491-6053 (during business hours); (970) 491-7111 for 24/7 and after-hours assistance.
  • If you live in the residence halls, your hall staff will be available to you.
  • Faculty and staff may access supportive services through the Employee Assistance Program at
  • If you are concerned about safety or mental health – your own or someone else’s – go to

These events, regardless of where they happen, leaves us all to pick up the pieces and try to make sense of senseless loss. I ask that you, as members of the CSU community, take care of yourselves and the others around you, and be well.


Joyce McConnell