November 7, 2019

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

I have just had the opportunity to review sabbatical applications for some of you and in doing so to read brief descriptions of your current research and scholarly and creative work.

I was absolutely blown away by the scope, breadth, depth and diversity of your projects. And I know that this would be true no matter whose sabbatical applications I was reviewing, because it is clear that every single one of you is committed to doing extraordinary work in your respective fields.

Some of you prioritize innovation. Some of you are focused on collaborative research. Some of you are exploring both creative and scholarly aspects of your discipline. Some of you are tackling global problems, while some of you are zeroing in on challenges right here in our community.

But there is one thru-line to all the sabbatical projects I just approved, and this is what makes me not just impressed with your work but proud to be your President. You are doing work that matters, work that will improve lives, inform important scientific, economic and social policies, and work that will lift up and heal our world.

So thank you all. To those of you heading out on sabbatical this Spring, make the most of it! And know that all of us back here on campus are excited to support you in all that you do.


Colorado State University