October 1, 2021

Dear CSU Community,

I want to share with you that following a contact with a COVID-positive individual last weekend, out of an abundance of caution, I decided to get tested myself. Unfortunately, I tested positive for COVID this morning.  Thankfully, I am feeling absolutely fine. I have been vaccinated since March and I believe that being fully inoculated has significantly lessened my symptoms. I am following the expert guidance of our public health team and isolating through next weekend. Disappointingly, this means that I will be missing the homecoming festivities this week.

Our outstanding CSU public health department is now doing contact tracing to determine who should also get tested as a result of having been in close proximity to me since my exposure.  I’m taking comfort in knowing that I, and so many in our community, have been scrupulous about wearing our masks when we’ve been together indoors.

Sharing this news drives home to me once again just how much the COVID pandemic continues to affect all our lives. I am so grateful to all of you in our CSU community for the support we’ve provided to one another throughout the past 18+ months.  Together, by getting vaccinated, masking while indoors, getting tested, and isolating or quarantining when needed, we have made a huge difference in the health of our community. I know we can continue to do so with every new good decision we make.  As for me, a decision that I am making as soon as I am cleared to do so will be to get my booster shot.

Have a wonderful weekend —and stay well,