Seth Butler, PMSAC Coordinator and Advisor

Hometown: Findlay, Ohio
Major/Minor: Student Affairs in Higher Education
Year: Graduate Student
I believe that PMSAC is important to the CSU community because we focus on creating a campus climate that promotes and appreciates diversity. We do this by initiating conversations to expand awareness around issues of social justice, inclusion and multiculturalism.

Christina Hadera, President of PMSAC

Hometown: Denver, CO
Major/Minor: Communications Studies Major and a minor in Ethnic Studies
Year: Senior
PMSAC is an opportunity because not only do we get to directly work with students on a peer to peer level, but we are also able to have direct communication with the President of the University. From a student perspective, I feel it is essential to understand the University on all different dynamics. As student leaders, we are passionate and determined to make a change, but sometimes we don’t understand the roadblocks that come along the way. With PMSAC, students are able to ask different questions to administrative professionals, and get answers in which we are able to use to create change within the student demographics.

Aaron Illenberger, Treasurer

Hometown: Alamosa, Colorado
Major/Minor: Double Major: Business Administration (with CIS Concentration) & Political Science
Year: 3rd Year/Junior
PMSAC is important to the CSU community because it brings together a diverse set a students that represent our cultural centers to address issues of diversity, discrimination and social justice. As a committee representing the office of the president I believe it is our responsibility to be the liaison to this office to stimulate conversation and to engage fellow students about current issues.

Adrian Jones, Campus Climate Chair

Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Major/Minor: Social Work
Year: 3rd Year
PMSAC is important to the CSU community because it provides the opportunity for students to get involved with issues revolving around diversity. It also provides the opportunity for these students who get involved to educate each other and their peers on the importance of diversity and inclusivity not only on this campus, but in our communities as well.

Ruby Hornback, Programming Chair

Hometown: Montezuma, CO
Major/Minor: Psychology
Year: Third year
PMSAC is important to the community because we are unified group of students that can represent all diversity here at CSU. This collective perspective allows us to see the needs of the students with diverse backgrounds and figure out something that could be solution.

Challanne A. Finn, Public Relations and Marketing

Hometown: Pueblo, Colorado
Major/Minor: Journalism and Media Communications Minor in Marketing and Communications
Year: 2nd Year Student
I feel that PMSAC is important to the CSU community because it is an organization made up of the students for the students. Each student organization from across campus has the opportunity to speak up and have a voice or say.

Aleya Jones, Communications Chair

Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Major/Minor: Human Development and Family Studies
Year: Sophomore
PMSAC is important to the CSU community because it opens the door to the expansion of a diverse climate on campus. By having a committee that is filled with people from different backgrounds and cultures, discussions regarding social justice and equality are understood from different points of view, then reveled to the campus which is imperative to diversity.

Tomas Arguello

Hometown: San Luis, CO
Major/Minor: Ecosystem Science and Sustainability/Spanish
Year: 2nd Year
PMSAC is important to the CSU community because it puts an emphasis on the diverse nature of the committee to educate the fellow CSU students to embrace the people that show diversity.

Nicole Kenote

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major/Minor: Toxicology
Year: Masters
PMSAC creates the opportunity for diverse students to improve campus community. Students are engaged with students from other resource offices as well as university administrators to allow voices to be heard and change to transpire.

Ray Quenneville

Hometown: Eagle River, Alaska
Major/Minor: Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing
Year: Junior
I believe PMSAC is important to the CSU community because it gives student representatives from different cultural backgrounds the ability to make CSU a more diversified and inclusive institution. It empowers many student populations that are typically underrepresented in higher education, which makes PMSAC such a valuable committee.

Ashley Quick Bear

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Major/Minor: Biology/Spanish, Biomedical Sciences
Year: Senior, Undergraduate
PMSAC is important because it helps students feel included and respected and shows them that CSU cares about the unique identities of the students on our campus. We aren’t scared to tackle the issues we see on campus that might prevent a diverse environment from flourishing.

Joe Tiner

Hometown: Arvada, CO
Major/Minor: Journalism and Media Communications with an English minor
Year: Junior
Because PMSAC promotes diversity and equality to students. We encourage students to expand their awareness of diversity issues.

Karen Tran

Hometown: Lakewood, Colorado
Major/Minor: Double major in Spanish and Economics
Year: Sophomore/Junior
PMSAC is important because it provides another way for students to be able to connect with the authority of the CSU community. Sometimes, it can feel like our voices get drowned out from the sheer size of the student body, or like an individual’s opinion could never have a significant impact on our community. PMSAC can help make all our students’ voices be heard and can help create change.

Yohana Tuquabo

Hometown: Aurora, Colorado
Major/Minor: Health and Exercise Science: Sports Medicine
Year: Undergraduate
PMSAC is important to the CSU community because of its ability to combine individuals of different backgrounds to create awareness and inclusivity on campus. Through discussion and events, the group evaluates intersectionality and multiculturalism to tackle social justice issues and create positive influence in the community.

Mo Wells

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Major/Minor: Social Work
Year: Third Year
I believe PMSAC is important to the CSU community as an opportunity for students to learn about different identities for each other while also working towards creating a more positive and inclusive campus climate.