October 19, 2022


In addition to the designated university holidays for the current academic and fiscal year, university leadership has approved adding several professional development days to the schedule.

  • Three professional development days will be added the week of Fall Break, giving faculty and staff without essential duties the entire week off. Specific professional development days assigned to the week are Monday, Nov. 21, Tuesday, Nov. 22, and Wednesday, Nov. 23.
  • One professional development day will be added to December, with Monday, Dec. 26, as a designated professional development day for all faculty and staff.

Some university departments may have responsibilities that require employees to work alternative schedules on holidays. Those departments may establish holiday schedules that deviate from the University’s official holiday schedule, with approval from Human Resources. For more information, please refer to pages 2-12 and 3-19 of the Human Resources manual.

Student, non-student and administrative professional hourly employees are not eligible for holiday pay. If student, non-student and administrative professional hourly employees work on a day that a holiday is observed, they are compensated only for work actually performed on the day of observance. State classified hourly employees earn holiday pay on a prorated basis. Please contact Human Resources if you have questions related to holiday pay.

CEMML employees are funded by and directly support the Department of Defense and do not participate in CSU professional development days.

In the rare cases that an employee cannot take professional development days during this period, supervisors are asked to work with the employee to schedule the same number of professional development days before June 30, 2023.

Professional development administrative leave is an available option for eligible employees in TimeClock Plus. For more information, please see these frequently asked questions on the Human Resources website.

Thank you,

Dr. Rick Miranda
Interim President

Brett Anderson
Interim Vice President for Human Resources