October 16, 2020

Dear CSU Employees,

As many of you know, the Cameron Peak Fire remains active, and firefighters and many other emergency personnel continue to risk their lives to contain and manage it. We continue to closely monitor the fire activity and are committed to supporting everyone in our community impacted by evacuations or any fire damage to their homes or neighborhoods, and the CSU Public Safety Team will send updates out as warranted.

The update that the PST sent earlier this week listed many resources for our students, faculty and staff in these circumstances, including CSU Cares, a privately funded program that provides financial assistance to employees during natural disasters, including  COVID-19. The fund was in fact created in the aftermath of the High Park Fire in 2012.

In the past five months, CSU Cares has received applications from 61 CSU community members in need and has granted $44,000 to CSU employees and their families. The fund has supported incredibly important COVID-19 needs, including supplementing income following a sudden job loss and covering unexpected medical bills and mental health services. And in just the last few weeks, CSU Cares has supported Cameron Peak Fire evacuees by covering hotel rooms and medical costs for respiratory issues exacerbated by air quality.

Unfortunately, the recent surge of need for emergency funds this year significantly depleted the CSU Cares account, but I am thrilled to share that this week our Canvas Credit Union partners have taken the lead in helping replenish those funds. Thank you so much to CEO Todd Marksberry and everyone at Canvas!

I share this in hopes that all of you keep CSU Cares top of mind right now. Why?

I hope that all our employees remember that this fund is for you and your families. I hope you don’t experience a sudden financial need in the coming months, for any reason, but if you do, please contact CSU Cares. I can assure you it’s easy to use because I just went and made my gift this morning!

I also hope that anyone in our community who has the capacity to give to CSU Cares considers doing so, now more than ever, via this link. This fund is such a wonderful example of Rams Taking Care of Rams, and proof that just a little support can go a long, long way.

Thank you all for all that you do for one another, for CSU, and for our community. I hope you are all safe and healthy and that you have a wonderful weekend.