Dear Campus Community Members,

March 10, 2020

I hope that many of you have had the opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather these last few days!

I also hope you’ve been reading our communications regarding the COVID-19 situation, both internationally and locally. As you may know, Governor Polis declared a state of emergency in Colorado today—we obviously are engaging directly with his office around what that means for our community. We are working literally around the clock to prepare for whatever next steps we need to take. We have convened a preparedness team led by public health and project management experts; built an informational webpage; and released comprehensive travel guidelines. We are also in frequent conversation with local and state experts about the evolving COVID-19 situation.

And now I have to ask you: Got a minute? How about 1870 minutes? That’s how long our donation window will be open for CSU’s 2020 Day of Giving March 12-13 this week. And while the number is significant in our sesquicentennial year, it really only takes one minute to give to a cause, fund, or program you are passionate about, whether it’s research, student scholarships, outreach, or the CSU Marching Band, where I made my gift. Go here to donate! And Go Rams!

I am so excited every day when I get up and see how many of you are following me on Twitter and Instagram. I love having these platforms to share good news, photos, and the occasional important update with all of you. And now I’m delighted to invite you to follow a new feed, because the CSU Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative went live on Twitter on Monday! Follow this account to learn about new initiatives, hires and steps forward; campus events focused on diversity, equity and inclusion; and developments in the RBEI proposal review process.

Finally, two things for our students to keep in mind as you head into spring break:

First, please, please stay safe! And if you’re traveling with fellow Rams, remember that Rams take care of Rams. You can find some good general guidance for Spring Break safety here.

And when you get back from your much-deserved break, I encourage you to consider registering for Summer Session courses. CSU offers a range of exciting courses designed to keep you on-track for timely graduation, including field and study abroad courses as well as research opportunities.

Summer session course work can actually lower one’s overall educational and living expenses by facilitating pursuit of post-graduation, professional, full-time employment. But of course, there are still short-term expenses to consider. Click here to learn more about CSU’s current and expanded summer aid options. And of course, reach out to the Office of Financial Aid to learn more.