November 7, 2022

Colleagues, tomorrow is Election Day. If you’re eligible to vote, I urge you to exercise that right – it’s the most important responsibility we have as citizens.  We speak of our right to vote, and we’ve internalized that to such an extent that it seems a given that it can’t be eroded.  It can, as many examples in different locales and different times have demonstrated – and one of the best ways to secure that right is to use it.

This Friday is Veterans Day, a day that we honor the women and men in our armed forces who have served to protect our democratic rights, and in particular the right to vote.  It’s a privilege that people around the world fight and die for every day. We honor their sacrifices best when we do our part in maintaining and exercising our democracy.  Do it!  If you need information on how to do it or have questions, I encourage you to review this guide our campus put together to answer all your voting questions.


P.S. At CSU, our student voter turnout typically exceeds the national average for college campuses, but in the last mid-term election it was 54%. Let’s get that number up!

PPS. Where do penguins vote?

(The south poll.) 

Rick Miranda
Professor of Mathematics and Interim President

Colorado State University