November 4, 2020

Dear CSU Community,

Election Day and Election Night, 2020, have come and gone without the closure and clarity that most of us—certainly those of us who have voted in previous elections—are used to. This year’s election takes place in a global pandemic and a nation struggling to confront and end systemic racism, which heightens anxieties across the political spectrum. We don’t know when we will get the clarity we need. Waiting will require our patience, resilience, optimism and the adherence to our Principles of Community of respect, equity and inclusion.

I am watching the election results unfold alongside every member of the CSU community, and I am concerned for us all as we deal with the uncertainty.  I think about our students, some of whom voted for the first time this year and who are wondering what it means for their vote to “count.”  I think about our undocumented students and others who could not vote because they do not have that privilege now. I think about our teachers, who have accepted the challenge to use our classrooms (in-person and virtual) for open, engaged and inclusive dialogue.  And I think about all our students, faculty and staff, who have demonstrated incredible grace and resilience this year and who just need some rest.

Because we care about all of you, we have put together many resources. I know many of you have had enough with hyperlinks and articles to read, so I’ve put all the resources at the bottom of this message.  Please turn to them if you need to, when you need to.  We will be adding to them in the days and weeks to come.

This morning, I urge all of you to take care of yourselves and those you love.  Lalah Delia, a spiritual and wellness writer, says, Self-care is how you take your power back.

We are a powerful, caring, vibrant community because we are full of powerful, vibrant, caring people.  I have faith that whatever comes next, we will weather it together.  Today, and in the coming weeks, I urge all of you to take your power back from the uncertainty and, for many, the fear and anger and sense of helplessness, that have defined 2020.

Take care of yourselves.



Mental Health×17-1.pdf

You@CSU election processing resources

CSU Health Network Mental Health Support Resources – including Counseling Services and Multicultural Counseling Services

Employee Assistance Program

CSU Center for Mindfulness


Post-election events, programs, and resources will be posted on the website.

2020 Election in Review (sponsored by the Department of Political Science) – Debrief Panel on November 9 from 7:00-8:00p.m.

Post-Election, COVID, and Fall Break Strategies to Stay Connected (sponsored by CSU Health Network) – Zoom Session on November 10 from 5:30-6:30p.m.

Ongoing Civic Engagement and Resources for Difficult Conversations

The Colorado State University System office provides a guide to free speech and related resources, including a toolkit with classroom resources

The College of Liberal Arts has also put together a comprehensive online toolkit to equip faculty, students and staff with the tools to meet current challenges by relying on our strengths—excellent inclusive teaching, outstanding expert knowledge, and a college infrastructure that supports the ideals of the liberal arts: