April 8, 2020

Hello, Everyone,

I feel like I have simultaneously been very out of touch with many of you and yet also in near-constant communication—and I know many of you are feeling that same sense of disorientation. In fact, we’re hearing from many of you that you are at once overwhelmed by messages from the university and also unsure about what is happening at CSU, both in response to the coronavirus and in looking to the future.

I get it—believe me!

With this message I propose to launch more regular communications with you that will continue for the remainder of the Spring semester. I’ll aim to send an email every Monday with COVID-19 updates, an email on Wednesday focused on a specific topic of concern to us all, and an email every Friday with general campus updates and good news.

So you can all look forward to getting some updates from around the campus at the end of this week. I can promise you that in the midst of the uncertainty we are all facing, I have good news to report from around our campus.

It’s late tonight and so for the special topic of concern to us all today, I just want to encourage all of you to bring together currently recommended public health precautions and hands-on creativity to make and wear a mask whenever you go out in public. You can find easy instructions here, and you can see me proudly sporting my CSU-themed mask here.

Stay well and healthy and please take care of yourselves. I’ll be back in your inboxes on Friday.