Autumn Bernhardt (mixed race Lakota), Faculty in Anthropology and Geography |

Susan Faircloth (Coharie), Director of School of Education |

Ricki Ginsberg (Mi’kmaq and Narragansett lineage), Assistant Professor of English Education |

John Hayes, Dean, Warner College of Natural Resources |

Jan Iron (Navajo (Dine’) Nation), IT Professional in Agricultural Experiment Station | Jan.Iron@ColoState.EDU

Sue James, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs |

Kate Jeraki, Executive Editor and Content Manager Internal Communications |

Gilbert John (Navajo (Dine’) Nation), Assistant Dean for Research, CVMBS |

Rachael Johnson (Guna), Manager of Strategic Recruitment Initiatives in College of Engineering|

Tiffani Kelly (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma), Native American Cultural Center |

Kelly Long, Vice Provost Undergraduate Affairs | Kelly.Long@ColoState.EDU

Doreen E. Martinez (Mescalero, Apache), Associate Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies |

Arlene Nededog (Chamorro from Guam), | Director of Inclusion College of Natural Sciences | Arlene.Nededog@ColoState.EDU

Danita Ordaz (Jicarilla Apache & Tarahumara), Native American Recruitment and Transition Specialist, Office of Admissions & Native American Cultural Center |

Lindsey Schneider (Turtle Mountain Chippewa), Assistant Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies |

Kathy Sisneros, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs |

Tyrone Smith (Navajo (Dine’) Nation), Native American Cultural Center |

Leslie Taylor (Cherokee Nation), Vice President for Enrollment and Access |