The President’s Multicultural Student Advisory Committee is an advisory group to the President and University administrators, professionals, and academic faculty that addresses broad issues of multiculturalism and social identity that impact the university campus and surrounding community. The committee’s primary functions are to engage in conversations with university faculty and administrators, share students’ perspectives, and provide recommendations that will develop and sustain a campus climate of inclusiveness and help CSU better serve its increasingly diverse population.


  • Identify concerns and opportunities for improvements related to diversity on campus.
  • Gauge the climate of multicultural equity, engagement, and inclusiveness on campus.
  • Assist in creating and developing a university climate of inclusiveness and diversity.
  • Work will encompass the interests and concerns of all students.
  • Committee will collaborate with other University entities on common goals addressing diversity issues.
  • The committee may call on various units of the University administration for assistance in acquiring information, collecting data, and obtaining a full understanding of issues that impact the goals of the committee.
  • The committee will communicate regularly with committee advisors and meet each semester with the President.
  • The committee will provide formal recommendations or program ideas to the President.
  • The work of the committee will be transparent and available to the University community.