In Fall 2021, President McConnell invited students from across the university to join dedicated PMSAC alumni to create a new structure for a student leadership development program, in which participants will build leadership skills while working directly with university leaders to effect positive, demonstrative change at CSU.

This will be a unique and exciting opportunity, one that students can add to their resumes and point to as a source of demonstrable leadership skills development, specifically the experience of starting a project from the ground up and seeing it through to completion, collaborating productively with other leaders, and problem-solving to achieve creative solutions. The students will shape a program through which student leaders at CSU—especially student leaders representing those voices and identities we most need to hear right now—will work directly with President McConnell and her team to make things happen. That might mean identifying an acute resource gap in our student services and working together to figure out how we fill it. It might mean identifying an obstacle to student success that we can address through facilities, through communication, or through a policy change—and then working together to effect the needed change.

Applications are currently being reviewed and the group will be activated early in the Spring 2022 semester. Stay tuned for more!