November 20, 2022

Our hearts are with the LGBTQ+ community of our state and campus and the people of Colorado Springs as we all reel at the news of the mass shooting there last night, in what police are investigating as a hate crime. We condemn this act of terror and the hate that motivates it, just as we join in honoring those who lost their lives and those who were wounded in this senseless assault. We also want to thank and express our appreciation for the heroes who stepped in to subdue the attacker and end this horrible incident.

I want to reach out today, knowing that most of our students, faculty, and staff are off for break, to share information on resources available to anyone among us who needs support and assistance. While news like this affects and impacts us all as human beings, we know that some among us are particularly affected and in this case may even have been present or know some of those who were lost. Whether you are a student, employee, or friends and family of LGBTQ+ students and employees, I just want you to know you’re not alone, we grieve together as a campus and with the people of Colorado, and support is available if you need it. We are here for you.

Take care of yourselves and one another. And remember that love is stronger than hate, and hope is more powerful than despair.


Dr. Rick Miranda

Interim President and Professor of Mathematics

The following links include resources for students, faculty, and staff:

Although many campus offices are closed this week, the CSU Health Network counseling services are open Monday and Tuesday and can be reached at (970) 491-6053.